Legal Notice


Selling Price

The sale price is the amount displayed (by the displayed price/consumption tax). In addition, a separate shipping fee may be charged. Please check the product details page for shipping charges.

Non-commodity cost

Shipping: 1200

Bank transfer fee: varies by financial institution

How to pay the price

Various credit cards/Amazon Pay/Google Pay/Apple Pay/komoju

Payment time of payment

Various credit cards/Amazon Pay/Google Pay/Apple Pay/komoju

Please contact your company directly.

Ao-pay (Paidy)

Please pay according to the guidance from Paidy.

In case of lump sum payment
  • We will issue an invoice on the 1st of the following month after closing the month for the confirmed bill every month, and inform you by e-mail / SMS (short message) by the 3rd.
  • Payment methods are convenience store payment (terminal installed at convenience store), bank transfer, and account transfer.
  • Payment is due up to 10 days for convenience store payment and bank transfer. In the case of direct debit, it will be withdrawn on the 12th. However, January and May may be the 20th.
  • Depending on the payment method, a fee will be charged for each monthly payment (billing). The customer will be responsible for the transfer fee of 356 yen (tax included) for convenience store payment, and for bank transfer. In the case of direct debit, no payment fee will be charged.
In the case of installments
  • It will be payment from the next month of the application (use) day.
  • Check your payment statement with MyPaidy or your monthly bill.

Delivery time of goods

We will ship from our partner warehouse after order.

Normally, it is 10-26 days (business day) from the time you confirm your deposit to the time of shipment.
It takes time before and after one week (except on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) from shipment to delivery.

STEP1. Arrange items (4-6 working days after order)
Order with the manufacturer on the next business day after completion of order (payment confirmation)
→ We will inspect the goods and carefully package and pack them to prepare for shipment

STEP 2. Dispatch items from overseas to domestic warehouse (7-10 working days after order)
Airlift from overseas shipping base to Japan through customs
→ After arriving in Japan, we will pass the customs again and transport it to the domestic warehouse

STEP3. Dispatch from domestic warehouse (14-26 working days after order)
After the goods arrive in the warehouse, we will carefully inspect and pack for problems again
→ Ship to you through the shipping provider

* Each item may have a different shipping time. Please note that there may be more back and forth than usual.

* There may be delays in the case of destinations in Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands.

* Delivery time is only a guide. Please note that there may be back and forth depending on the logistics situation.

Please note that we are not responsible for delays due to the above reasons.

Please order with room.

All items are managed by the tracking number, so if you do not receive them, you can order again with a shipping order or refund.

* Cancellation after order is not accepted.
* If the item is transferred from the destination address, we will charge you with the additional shipping fee.
* For delivery from overseas, the day of the week, time designation is not available.
* You cannot change your address after order in principle.

Return availability and conditions

If you would like to exchange your return, please contact us via chat bot.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
· Products that have removed the item tag
· Some fraying of seams
· Some paint peeling of some ornaments
· Products that have been more than 3 days after the product arrived
· Products that have lost tags
· Products used even once
· Ordered products (made to order)
・ Limited edition (special limited edition with a particularly short sales period)
· In the event of damage, fouling, etc. due to the fault of the customer (including package and accessories)
-Sale products-Return due to customer's convenience (image difference, size difference, erroneous order, etc.)
· Other things that can be determined to have obvious signs of use (e. g., smell of perfume/tobacco, adherence of cosmetics, product pain, dirt, etc.)

· The difference in color magnitude is less than 3, and If the diameter of the stain/stain is less than 2cm

The size of the hole On the front side of the product Diameter less than 3mm, Less than 1cm in diameter on the back of the product, less than 5mm in the pocket

· Where the fraying is less than 1cm in diameter In the case

· Minor design differences (presence of buttons and pockets, difference in color number, etc.)

-Please note that if it is returned or destroyed, you will not be able to refund.
* Please note that we are not able to accept the return due to customer's convenience, such as the image was different or the size did not fit.

* In the case of initial failure, we will basically handle exchange. We will refund you only if you have no item in stock.

* A refund will not be accepted if we make a deliberate return. In that case, the above fees are not received.

Please note that we do not accept returns and exchanges for your convenience.
We are keeping the offer price down by sending it directly from overseas, so we hope you will not return it except for the initial bad.

* When you return or exchange, you will also return the main body and the original box and accessories.
If there is no original box, accessories, we will return it, it will be unreplaceable.

* The above conditions may be changed without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Operator Name
Om Cainberg Co., Ltd.
Business Name (trade name)
Head of Business
Keishiro Naito
2-4-13 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

(Calling inquiries are not available. Please contact us through the contact form of the official line.)

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